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  • Grant

Oaks Lenten Devotions - Week 2

Each Oaks child's story is different, of course, certainly when it comes to their length of stay. One child may be here five years, another for only six months. Some kids, no matter how old they were when they came, remain at the Oaks until graduation from high school.

Like Tree, placed here by his tribe, Cheyenne-Arapaho, who arrived here at the Mission when he was a third grader, nine years old, and in six weeks from now will receive his diploma, soon after then heading off to a vocational-technical school to be trained as a top flight welder.

Over the years, Tree has become the symbol of life at the Oaks Indian Mission, having sort of grown into the place. There's no doubt that the Mission has been good for Tree. But it's also true that Tree has been a blessing to the Mission.

In fact, Tree has resided at the Oaks long enough to have been blessed to experience two ELCA National Youth Gatherings, one in New Orleans and this past summer in Houston. He has designs on returning next time around as a counselor for the youth who will be attending from here.