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Oaks Lenten Devotions - Week 4

One of the most important gifts we offer kids at the Oaks Indian Mission is the opportunity to be in regular contact with people of faith, young and old. It is at the core of our child-care program, as we attempt to establish a sense of balance in their young life. So that the spiritual, the relational, as well as the physical, mental and emotional aspects of life are nurtured, indeed, celebrated. In fact, our intention is to plant seeds of faith in every child placed here--that is our ultimate goal. And there is no better way to do that than offering them the opportunity to build relationships with faithful people.

That's why we were so excited to see Braiden, a sixth-grader, one of a handful of Cherokee kids on campus, interacting with the group of students from the University of Nebraska Lutheran Campus Ministry who spent Spring Break at the Oaks Indian Mission, working on service projects, but, even more importantly, modeling faithfulness for Braiden and the other kids. And what a witness they were! Over the course of the week, Braiden began to recognize how special his new friends were, the fact they really cared about him and sought the best for him. By the time they hit the road for home, a very lasting bond had been formed. Gathering together over a campfire the evening before the students' departure, singing the Holden service and eating s'mores, it became clear how much of an impact had been made in that short week, the depth of the relationships that had been forged, as we sat together by that fire, the flame of the Holy Spirit burning bright!