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  • Grant

Oaks Lenten Devotions - Week 6

When Dante, pronounced the same, though not to be mistaken for the author of those wondrous classics of world literature, rather the nine year old Cherokee boy who has been such a presence here at the Oaks Indian Mission this past year, was asked at a church-sponsored lock-in recently if he could perhaps spare one of his stuffed animals, since a young girl from another congregation had, unfortunately, forgot hers, he happily obliged. It seems Dante came well prepared, as such, bearing a few extras, just in case, well aware of the importance they are to a restful night's sleep--even at a church lock-in, especially at a church lock-in.

Dante's cottage-parent, Jay, is particularly sensitive to these childhood affairs of the heart, being careful to support Dante's special affection for his fluffy friends. Indeed, Jay was downright effusive in his praise as he related Dante's joy in sharing his stuffed animals with a damsel in distress that day, coming to the rescue.

This yet one more of those quiet, unassuming moments that happen day in and day out at the Oaks Indian Mission, graciously offered the one ready to receive such a gift.