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Oaks Student Highlight - Meet Alex

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Alex, a sophomore and proud member of the Comanche Nation, is a young man with some special gifts, as well as the passion to put them to use. He has been at the Oaks Indian Mission for a year now and we are looking forward to his next three here before we send him forth to accomplish some amazing things.

This is the thing about Alex — he is strong a kid as we’ve had here at the Mission, fiercely strong, Comanche strong. But he has a calling to use his considerable strength to defend the weak. And that is Biblical! For instance, he will make a point of walking a new kid here at the Mission across the way to school, a kid who may very well be unsure of himself, intimidated, even perhaps a little frightened by it all. Alex will counsel that student in the ways of dorm life and offer insights into getting along here at the Mission. Whatever they might need of him, Alex will give. It’s actually a beautiful thing to behold.

These are leadership skills that far exceed age, in this case. And come from a place one can only call spiritual, certainly not from any human sources. It has gained Alex respect both in his cottage and across campus.

Alex is a defensive stalwart, anchoring the line at nose guard on the Oaks Warrior football team, but wrestling is his first love, athletically speaking. And, if it was a sport, auto mechanics probably wouldn’t be far behind. He’s interested in all things related to the automobile, and constantly quizzing his cottage-parents on the make and model of cars met while traveling the open highway.

We give thanks for the blessing it is to be graced with Alex’s presence here at the Oaks and the opportunity to share his journey toward adulthood. Indeed, the shaping of a man of God!

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