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Oaks Indian Mission is fully supported by congregations, men’s and women’s groups, individuals, families, and organizations. In addition to monetary contributions, we do have other needs to be met on a volunteer basis throughout the year and could always use an extra hand or two with various activities on campus. Volunteer opportunities could be, but are not limited to, service projects, special events, receiving in-kind donations, assistance with mass, in-house mailings and many other needs.

If your group would like to consider a trip to Oaks Indian Mission, please contact LeaAnn Slamons at 918-868-2196 or email a completed GROUP REQUEST FORM to and we will contact you once we have received your form. 

* * * Book early, as our calendar fills quickly! * * *
PLEASE NOTE: Once we have agreed upon a date for your visit, the following must be completed by each member of your group and received by the Oaks Indian Mission one week prior to your arrival:

Thank you for your interest in visiting Oaks Indian Mission! We hope to see you soon!

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