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The 1801 Society

The core ministry of Oaks Indian Mission is its care program for Indian children. All have suffered some form of abuse or neglect. Many are orphans. Others have been abandoned. Some come from loving homes where it is simply no longer possible for parents or grandparents to provide the needed food, clothing and education. The children range from age three to age eighteen.

The needs of the children are simple and basic- love, food, shelter, clothing, encouragement, support, understanding and the opportunity to go to school. Oaks provides all of these in full measure with the children making their home with loving house parents in cottages of no more than twelve children each. Here they learn the basic skills of family life and find meaning, direction and hope for their lives.

In addition, Oaks Indian Mission is also a resource for the community, and has initiated a variety of needed community projects and services including low-income housing, a water and sewer system, a Headstart program, and a health clinic. Your membership in the 1801 Society provides assistance for all of these activities and more and is vitally important, as Oaks Indian Mission is almost 100% funded by gifts.

The Board of Directors is pleased to extend an invitation to become a member of the 1801 Society. The 1801 Society is a very special community of friends who, through their leadership of giving, assist The Oaks Indian Mission in its mission - to care for our children. By accepting this invitation, you will become part of a historic ministry to Native American people that is over two hundred years old. A membership banquet dinner is held each year to thank our 1801 members and each member receives an personalized arrowhead plaque. Become part of this distinguished history of care for Native American children!


You may make a one-time donation or a monthly, quarterly, or annual pledge. The 1801 Society Membership levels are:


  • Gold Arrow Circle - $1,000.00 or more annually

  • Silver Arrow Circle - $500.00 or more annually

  • Bronze Arrow Circle - $300.00 or more annually

While the Oaks constantly provides the highest quality care possible, the needs of the children are constant and grow on a daily basis. Your financial support can make a difference in the life of a child that needs you. 


Would you consider fulfilling the cost for one year, one month, one week, or one day for one child this year? The following is the breakdown of costs per child In 2011:


  • Per Year: $22,129.44

  • Per Month: $ 1,844.16

  • Per Week: $ 425.58

  • Per Day: $ 60.63

Contributions can be made by mail, over the phone or on this website here. Your contribution, no matter how large or small, is greatly appreciated. Thank you for you consideration!

** We wanted to alert our partners in ministry to the CARES Act, a federal bill signed into law on March 27 in response to the financial crisis brought on by Covid-19, which makes provisions that affect both individuals and corporate donors:

• For the 2020 tax year, individuals can deduct any cash contributions made to qualified charitable organizations, up to 100% of their adjusted gross income (AGI). Deductions for cash donations were previously limited to 60% of the taxpayer’s AGI.

• For the 2020 tax year, corporations can deduct up to 25% of the taxpayer’s taxable income for any cash contributions made to qualified charitable organizations. Deductions for cash donations were previously limited to 10% of the taxpayer’s taxable income.

• Individuals who take the standard deduction can claim an above-the-line tax deduction for cash donations to qualified charitable organizations, up to $300 ($600 for a married couple).

Thank you to our 1801 Members!

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